Prove me right || Charlie&Ren

Ever since the night Ren came over to help rearrange her bedroom, Charlie Fabray had been getting a warning to stay away from him from what felt like everyone. Her sister, her brother, Sam… it was like everyone thought she was incapable of noticing the type of person Ren was. She knew about his reputation, but that wasn’t going to stop her from being his friend. If she had that mentality, to stay away from people with bad reputations, she probably wouldn’t be friends with Garth, but she was good friends with the tall boy, who says hanging out with Ren wouldn’t have the same outcome? The thing that bothered Charlie the most was that her friends didn’t seem to trust her. It was like they expected her to ignore her beliefs and morals the second she got to Ren’s room. It’s like they thought she was completely oblivious to the reputation Lorenzo had at their school. Charlie knew the things he was known for, and she knew what she was getting into by going to his room tonight. She hoped he was different then what people said about him. Sure he was inviting her over to watch a movie in his dark dorm, alone, but if he tried anything out of line Charlie would stop him, and if he had a problem with that, well then he wasn’t the type of person she would want to associate herself with anyway.

Shaking all the negative thoughts out of her head, Charlie smiled as she grabbed a few movies from her desk, already knowing they would probably resort to netflix tonight. Pride and Prejudice, Moulin Rogue, and Alice in Wonderland most likely weren’t favorites of the brunette boy, he had told her to bring her favorites though, so this is ultimately his doing. Grabbing her dorm key and slipping on a pair of flats, Charlie left her dorm, ready to make the journey across the wing to Ren’s room. It was a bit weird for Charlie to be heading to her brother’s dorm room, with no intention of even visiting her brother. The first year of school she wouldn’t even go into Cole’s room if his roommate was in there, and now look at her. Laughing lightly at her younger self, the quirky blonde hummed lightly to herself as she walked, dodging staff and camera’s that were keeping an eye out for students. She knew if someone were to ask her where she was headed, she wouldn’t be able to lie, and telling them the truth would cause her to be scolded and told to return to her dorm room. Finally in the boy’s section of the wing, Charlie was quick to find Cole and Ren’s dorm room door. Stopping infront of it the girl knocked lightly, adjusting the movies under her arm as she waited for him to open the door. Once she saw Ren Charlie couldn’t help but smile and lean forward to hug him lightly. “Hi.” She murmured, walking into his room after she broke contact with him. “So I brought movies!” Charlie exclaimed, turning to look at him and hold the dvd’s out to him. “If you don’t like any of them I’m sure we can find something on netflix to watch.” With that she plopped down on the edge of his bed, looking at the snacks he had collected for him. Chewing on the inside of her cheek as she looked around his room, Charlie finally turned her attention back to Ren. “So… how was your practice?” She questioned, remembering his practice running late was the reason they were hanging out right now instead of earlier in the day.

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    Ren’s lips barely pressed against hers when Charlie was suddenly pulling away. “What?” he mumbled, eyes opening as she...